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CEO's Blog

  • A Legacy of Love

    In 2021 Penn-Mar will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary. It’s hard to believe I have been with the organization for 32 of those years. But this journey from a residential program director to CEO has given me a front row… Read More

  • Our Important Work Continues

    Over 140 million Americans cast their vote in the recent historic presidential election. Millions of people are elated about their candidate’s victory while millions more are having a hard time accepting the results. But this is what our electoral process… Read More

  • Opportunities That Change Lives

    It hardly seems possible but that this month we are celebrating the 75th year of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) and recognizing 30 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed. This year’s NDEAM events and activities… Read More

  • The Most Important Job I’ve Ever Had

    September 13-19 has been designated Direct Support Professional Recognition Week, saluting a direct support workforce that is the heart and soul of supports for people with disabilities. I have a unique understanding of the myriad tasks and challenges that DSPs… Read More

  • The Hidden Heroes Among Us

    This month we are putting the spotlight on Penn-Mar’s Program Managers, the people who frankly have what I believe to be one of the most difficult roles of any position in our organization. As a group, they are one of… Read More

  • Let’s Not Forget Our Most Vulnerable Citizens

    In the midst of all the uncertainties that come with the COVID-19 virus, a faltering economy, and social justice movements, even the experts are often at a loss for answers. But here at Penn-Mar, we need to have a good… Read More