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  • A One-Of-A-Kind Hero

    On April 20th, in the midst of the pandemic, my cousin Benjamin Miller quietly passed away. He was only 44 years old but lived 43 years longer than anyone thought he would. Ben was born with Zellweger spectrum disorder. As… Read More

  • A Time for Embracing Innovation and Collaboration

    The challenges continue. Trying to adjust to extended sheltering-in-place orders that have upended households and temporarily suspended routines and relationships. Acclimating to home schooling for the kids and home offices for the adults. Worrying about paying bills with reduced income… Read More

  • Isolated but Hopeful

    What does it feel like to wake up every morning not quite sure what the day will bring? To be disconnected from family and friends, with no workplace to go to, and little or no stimulation to ignite a passion,… Read More

  • The Ties that Bind in Times of Uncertainty

    A few weeks ago I had a completely different blog topic in mind for this month’s posting. But how things have changed in just a matter of days! As an organization we find ourselves amid the coronavirus pandemic and in… Read More

  • Our 2020 Vision in Focus

    As recently as 2012, Cisco Visual Networking futurist Dave Evans predicted that by 2020 he’d be out of a job because everyone would have the tools to predict the future themselves. “We are amassing unprecedented amounts of data,” he said…. Read More

  • An Unbelievable Year at Penn-Mar

    There is one word to describe 2019 and that is “unbelievable.”  If someone told me last January that we would have a structural realignment, take on a leadership role at the state level in advocating for Direct Support Professional wages,… Read More

  • The Importance of Investing in Mission

    ‘Tis the Season to endure countless promotional messages suggesting we embrace the holiday spirit with purchases ranging from the latest cell phones to his-and-her luxury cars. You’ve probably also noticed your mail boxes suddenly brimming with stirring messages from nonprofit… Read More

  • For Nonprofits, Mergers Should Never be a Lifeline

    Far too often, mergers among nonprofits are viewed as a last resort; a desperate option that’s only on the table when the organization’s very existence is in doubt. Merging is never seen as joining forces, but as a solution to… Read More

  • Where Businesses Can Find the Right Talent, Right Now

    Most of us with career ambitions take it for granted that once we finish with our schooling we will move on to the next logical step: getting a job. The position we are offered and accept is usually just the… Read More

  • Recognizing Direct Support Professionals Year ‘Round

    I just returned from the NADSP Annual Conference, hosted by the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) in Cleveland. While there was no formal program theme, each presenter, including myself, addressed in different ways how we could advance the… Read More