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COVID-19 Update: Proactive Measures

Penn-Mar Team and Families:

As information continues to evolve regarding the COVID-19 virus, our team is regularly monitoring the situation and will modify operational practices as necessary to be proactive without panic–our goal is to take sensible steps to reduce the risk of exposure.

How are we monitoring the situation?

We are receiving regular email and/or webinar communications and recommendations from Dimensional Healthcare Associates, Inc., Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), Office of Developmental Programs (ODP), and other partner organizations.

We have established an internal taskforce scheduled to meet Monday and Thursday mornings. The purpose of this group is to discuss any new information or recommendations we have received and make decisions on subsequent changes that are needed. If we receive information that requires more immediate action, we will meet and make changes more frequently.

What changes are being made that directly affects someone we support? As much as possible, we will take a person-centered approach to any changes in service delivery.

Day Program teams are being extra vigilant to clean and sanitize areas multiple times throughout each day.

Residential teams will be sanitizing houses each night in addition to cleaning throughout the day.

Vehicles will be sanitized daily.

Employment teams are reaching out to employers to better understand what steps are being taken in the workplaces of those we support who are considered higher risk.

All programs will minimize participation in larger community group activities and with populations that are at high-risk. For example, not participating in volunteer activities at senior centers, nursing homes, churches or activity clubs.

We ask that non-essential travel for those we support be reconsidered. Until further notice–If anyone we support is planning to travel outside of the United States with family, they will need to remain out of all services for at least 2 weeks upon their return.

We are attempting to secure additional protective equipment such as gloves, masks, cleaning supplies, etc. in case they are needed.

We are enhancing encouragement of good hygiene with everyone.

What changes are being made that may affect team members directly?

Flyers are being posted in all work locations.

Interviews for new team members will only occur in designated offices and not in any area where services are provided. The surfaces in these areas will be sanitized following each interview.

Non-essential training is being cancelled for the next 30 days. This will reduce the number of group gatherings of team members and make available more direct staffing resources.

Team members who are planning to travel outside of the United States are encouraged to reschedule and/or contact Human Resources for further guidance.

Team members who have traveled outside of the United States recently must reach out to Human Resources for instructions prior to returning to work.

Non-essential work travel by team members scheduled in the next 30 days will be minimized.

We recognize there are many factors that will influence how we adapt providing supports in the coming weeks. Some changes may require very quick action and we will do our best to communicate with everyone in a timely manner. We will use our email system, send copies home with people supported, and use the phone system in the same way as when changes occur due to weather concerns.

As a closing reminder—if you are experiencing symptoms or have been in contact with anyone diagnosed, please stay home and contact your primary care physician or use the tele-med option to speak with a doctor for direction.

If you have questions or need clarification, please reach out to a Program Director or a member of our Human Resources department.

Jackie Stevens
Chief Operating Officer

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