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Project Invincible

March 2017

Meet Elmer Euler, one of our amazing “Invincibles.” Throughout his 8 years working at Hunt Valley Catering in Monkton, Maryland; Elmer has seen employees come and go, but he remains one of their star employees.

Elmer’s stellar performance and commitment earned him the 2016 ‘Employee of the Year’ award from his employers Jim and Darlene Alford. To acknowledge his hard work and dedication Elmer received a bonus and a plaque honoring his work. Elmer was so overwhelmed and excited about his award he couldn’t wait to share the news with his friends and staff at Penn-Mar.

“At first I was hesitant to hire Elmer because of the fast pace of the business, however I realized very quickly he was up to the task. Elmer is a very hard worker and always has a pleasant and positive attitude. Everyone here at Hunt Valley Catering has grown to love him over the years,” said Darlene.

Everyone at Penn-Mar loves Elmer too and we are so happy to have him as part of our ‘family’.



February 2017

We would love you to meet another one of our Invincibles, Cindy Rohrbaugh. Cindy works for Chartwell’s Dining Service at the Dallastown Area School District under the supervision of Susan Eckert.

Cindy is a shining star because she is always happy and pleasant and is incomparable to others as she is diligent at her duties and never responds to negativity.” – Susan Eckert, Chartwell’s

Cindy’s responsibilities include washing dishes, preparing food, daily house cleaning and serving food. Susan explained that Cindy is energetic and enthusiastic about her job and always checks with others to make sure she has done things properly and that her finished product meets the company’s rigorous standards of quality food safety.

Cindy serves food to the students every Friday and always greets them with a smile. It is apparent that all the students love Cindy and make it a point to say hello to her daily.

Susan said that when Chartwell’s started as the premier food service company at Dallastown in 2011, Cindy was hired due to her recommendations and that they found that she was so easy to talk to and very willing to accomplish her goal of being the best she could be at any job she does.

Susan shared that Cindy is very good at crafting and that she has taken the time to make various pieces of jewelry for her fellow team members. Cindy made Susan a beautiful necklace that she cherishes very much. Cindy also loves Word Find puzzles and the team members at Chartwell’s always try to get her the newest “finds” and love to give her books to read as she is an avid reader as well.

Susan said, “We could not be happier with Cindy. She is the best!”



January 2017

Meet one of our “Invincibles”, Maggie Hutson. Maggie has been working at Edible Arrangements under the ownership of Abbey Beers and Cindy Lane in Lutherville, MD for 10 months. People with disabilities have often been excluded from community interaction but, employment in a community based setting allows people who once felt invisible to become invincible.

Like many business owners, Abbey had some concerns about hiring someone with a disability but those concerns quickly faded away after Maggie started working there. One of these concerns was the use of sharp equipment at their facility however after seeing how Maggie’s job coaches at Penn-Mar had her trained and prepared before she started, was a wonderful surprise.

Abbey said that Maggie brings value to her position with her strong work ethic and the happiness she brings to the other employees.

One story Abbey fondly remembers, was when Maggie brought in Christmas cards and chocolate covered pretzels to everyone at work, even the seasonal employees. It was such a nice treat and everyone hugged her for it. It was a special moment for all of them.

Abbey would encourage other employers who are considering hiring one of our ”Invincibles” at their place of business, to give it a try. She said that Maggie joyfully performs tasks that are time consuming or tedious for others, and does it with a smile.

Abbey said, “Maggie is a great help and we love having her part of our team”.

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