The purpose of the application assistance session is to provide you with an opportunity to meet with Penn-Mar LISS staff one on one to discuss your application, supporting documentation, and/or hand in your paperwork.   


If you are interested in attending any of the listed sessions, please contact our office to RSVP and secure a slot. Each slot is for 15 minutes, if you need more than one slot please let us know. You may call us at 877-282-8202 or email us at  Sessions are subject to cancelation if there is no interest or because of the weather. 


If our office or the library where the session is being held is closed at the time of the session, that session will be canceled.  We will make every effort to notify those that have RSVP’d if this happens.  An updated list will also be kept on our website at  If additional sessions are added, they will be found on this website.