1. Submit Random Selection Application to the LISS provider agency by the last business day in June (For Round 1 of Fiscal Year 2018).
    1. An application does not require any other supporting documents until the Random Selection chooses an applicant.
    2. To ensure receipt of the application, please consider sending the application via certified mail through the USPS, with a return receipt, or other certified mail provider.
    3. We encourage the applicant to make a copy of the application and supporting documents prior to submitting the application.
  2. Random Selection Occurs mid-July.
  3. Notification in writing will be sent to applicants, a letter should be received in the beginning of August.
  4. Applicants would receive one of two letters, a selected letter or a not selected letter.
    1. A selected letter means your request was selected by the random selection process for potential funding. Additional documentation would be required in order to be determined eligible.  The letter would be accompanied by a guide for submitting documents and forms that would need to be completed.
    2. A not selected letter means that, at this time, the applicant has not been selected by the random selection process and may reapply for the next round of funding. If for some reason funding becomes available, the applicant would be notified that their status has changed.