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Living Large by Anita Alvare



By Anita Alvare

In my line of work you get to meet a lot of interesting people. I’ve been kissed by a Prince (twice). Taught golf by a touring pro. Gone deep sea fishing with a Hall of Fame baseball player.  Confided my biggest fear to the first man who walked on the moon. Worked countless rooms promoting Hollywood stars and Broadway legends. And then just two weeks ago, I met Susie and her mom, Chrissy. I think I’ve peaked.

I’ve come to find that interesting people all have one thing in common: character (and many are true “characters”).

It’s not always about the titles, awards, or accomplishments, although that does tend to heighten the glow and attract the crowd.

It has more to do with their resilience. The literal spring in their step and positive attitude that keeps them spiraling forward in spite of loss, disappointment, changing circumstances and seemingly insurmountable odds.

My first encounter with Susie and Chrissy was by phone, and let’s just say they had me at “hello.”

I was interviewing them for a video we were making about individuals with disabilities who were living purposeful, busy lives, staying fit, going to work, learning new skills, volunteering in the community, visiting cultural sites, hanging out with friends.

Susie is living that life, thanks to her family’s can-due diligence that led them to Penn-Mar Human Services and a model program there that has Susie, and three other young adults with disabilities, showing what it means to confront every day with wonder, persistence and appreciation…….

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