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Meet the PMs: Susan Daugherty

Susan Daugherty, Program Manager

We’re excited to be sharing a new series: Meet the PMs! Our Program Managers are the unsung, behind-the-scenes heroes who have one of the toughest – and most important – jobs within our organization. We’re looking forward to you all getting to know them and their work a bit better, so tune in on social media for #MeetThePMs!

Get to know . . . Susan Daugherty!

How did you become a PM? Almost 30 years ago, I was working for another agency in Carlisle PA as a Residential Supervisor. I was planning on continuing my education to obtain a Master’s degree and felt I needed to find a job closer to home. I searched the “Want Ads” in the local newspaper and applied to Penn-Mar. Greg Miller offered me the position. At the time it was the CEO, COO, one Program Manager, and the DSPs with 3 group homes in MD and 2 homes in PA. It was a pretty small company back then!

Why is Penn-Mar’s mission important to you? I am not sure that this really answers the question, but I have been so blessed to be a part of the agency’s growth in finding ways to deliver needed services. I participated in opening the 1st PA medical model group home at Penn-Mar, hired the first nurse in PA, opened the respite program and then went on to work with the In-Home Program and Life Sharing Program. I believe that there are many different ways to support individuals and provide services. Nursing homes are not the only answer for medically involved individuals. Group homes are great, but Life Sharing is another residential option that allows for a different kind of experience. In-Home Supports reaches those that live on their own or with their families. I have always been passionate about respite services and was honored to be entrusted with the development and opening of the program which is dear to my heart.

What’s something someone wouldn’t know about you? I hired Jackie Stevens (Chief Operating Officer)! I also hired Melissa Furr (PA Program Manager), Autumn Cover (PA Program Manager), Natasha Miller (MD Community Day Service Administrator) . . . I have made some very good hiring decisions over the years!

When COVID-19 is over, the first place you’d like to travel to is . . . Anywhere without a mask would be great! Even the local grocery store will do!

In your free time you’ll be found . . . Playing Candy Crush or Diner Dash with a glass of wine!

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