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The mission of Penn-Mar Human Services is to transform life into living for individuals, families, our staff and volunteers. We do this by providing support services, as a team, to individuals with disabilities or human service needs in ways that promote value, independence, and self-determination.


We are leaders within the profession that serves people with disabilities and human service needs.

As pioneers in developing innovative life models for the people we serve, we deliver a full continuum of services. From independent living to total care, we provide individuals with choices… for healthy living, working, and participating as active members of the community. We support individuals and clients with an education and training process that continuously moves them toward their potential and enables them to do meaningful work that fits their interests and abilities.

Our community services’ division offers an innovative continuum of services, ranging from emergency support to prevention and education programs that create genuine self-sufficiency. We serve all ages and generations⎯from the unborn to seniors. Because we proactively identify and deliver needed services, we are recognized as the primary, credible source for information and resources.

We support the voice of individuals, families, and clients with lawmakers and regulators. We affirm the value of the services we provide and advocate for regulation changes that enable us to serve more individuals and clients more efficiently, and actively propose and advocate for innovative programs and funding solutions.

Operationally, we are flexible and agile, capable of adapting and responding to change as we continue to fulfill our mission. We have active quality systems that ensure individuals receive the support and service they need regardless of the model in which they are participating. We grow within the constraints of our ability to deliver quality services and support to individuals. As important, we sustain our systems, quality, and successes as we grow. We use technology to support our business and program models, continuously anticipating and developing new uses for technology. We grow and expand our mission by affiliating and merging with other organizations and leveraging our capabilities.

We value our employees and volunteers. We have a comprehensive internal human resource development process that develops “credentialed” employees who can deliver quality services wherever and however they are needed. We have a values-based leadership system that enables us to grow while maintaining quality services, and we are capable of appraising our individuals and staff and providing them with opportunities for personal and professional advancement. Additionally, we recruit and leverage volunteers to use our human and financial capital effectively and efficiently.

We provide our employees with competitive compensation and a work environment that is safe, healthy, and engaging. As the employer of choice, we recognize and meet the professional and career needs of our staff and we provide employees with opportunities for continuous professional and personal development. We are experts at training our managers and our managers are experts at listening to our employees. Always looking to the future, we have developed the new generation of leadership that ensures our ability to continue to fulfill our mission for years to come.

We are well and clearly branded within our communities. People know who we are, what we do, and why they should support us. Financially, we are secure. Recognizing the vulnerability of government funding, we have secured funding that is diverse and not heavily reliant on government funds. Our entrepreneurial spirit results in surplus-generating business operations, contributing essential revenue to our mission.

Our foundation raises the funds needed to support our mission and outreach to those in need. We serve the unfunded. No individual, in an emergency, is denied service and support. Finally, we contribute to our profession at home and abroad. We are internationally engaged, learning from others and sharing our successes with others so that individuals everywhere can receive support services which promote value, independence, and self-determination.