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Penn-Mar Human Services

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Core Values

Our values serve as the foundation of our organizational culture, key measures of our success, and the underlying principles that guide how we transform life into living at Penn-Mar Human Services. We live them through our daily interactions with our stakeholders (individuals we support, staff, families, volunteers, and community partners), through our service delivery methods, human resource practices, and recognition programs.

Penn-Mar employees, families, and volunteers embrace, exemplify and embody our organizational core values in the following ways:


  • We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and interact in ways that are respectful, honest, fully transparent, and ethical.
  • We uphold the highest level of ethical standards and represent Penn-Mar in a professional and positive manner.
  • We make decisions based on what is in the best interest of those we support and the organization.
  • We complete our work in an honest and transparent manner, recognizing that we, as individuals, are accountable for our actions and decisions.


  • We safely deliver remarkable supports and regularly exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.
  • We model servant leadership as we demonstrate our commitment to excellence in the passion, enthusiasm, and engagement we exhibit with each other and our community.
  • We meet our vision and mission by providing internal and external service of the highest possible quality, while recognizing the importance of safety.
  • We routinely evaluate and inspect our services, processes, and performance to assure we are optimizing our resources and supports.


  • We prioritize respect, teamwork, inclusivity, and shared goals.
  • We empower, value, and respect each person, appreciating their unique talents, skills, abilities, and opinions.
  • We create and participate in brainstorming, program development, and problem-solving activities with our stakeholders.
  • We are actively available to support and encourage each others’ work to further our mission.


  • We constantly strive to be progressive and innovative leaders in the human service field.
  • We pursue and promote continuous learning and professional development to improve the lives of the people we support; we share our knowledge with others.
  • We seek to improve current methods by constantly evaluating ways to improve systems, tools, and methods of working together.
  • We are open to taking risks, seeking new ideas, and exploring possibilities to further our mission.