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Penn-Mar Safety Committee Celebrates Employees Commitment to Safety!


On Thursday, May 21, Penn-Mar partnered with Chick-Fil-A to celebrate our employees commitment to safety.

This event, hosted by the Penn-Mar Safety Committee, was an “excellent” camaraderie building event where over 200 staff from across many programs came together as one Penn-Mar team. This event was made possible because of the strong commitment Penn-Mar staff members have to work safe everyday.

Special thanks to:

The Penn-Mar Safety Committee for hosting the event!

Dana Fink who was there for more than 11 hours hosting this event.

Zac Immel, Dodi Curtis for making the PMN event happen.

Sarah Willey for making food runs to MDL. Sandy Dougherty for planning and replanning the MD Day program participation.

Linda Goode, Bob Kuhn, Roger Marquis and Greg Miller for helping us solve the technical payment problems once we crashed the Chik Fil A computer system.

Kim Heinecke-Hall and Kevin Walker for your support with greeting and “instant” table decorations

Becky Stauffer, Safety Committee


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