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Penn-Mar Employee Colin VanExel receives 2015 MACS Outstanding Supervisor Award

Posted on April 29, 2015

By Gregory T. Miller, President and Chief Executive Officer, Penn-Mar Human Services | Chief Executive Officer, Penn-Mar Foundation

MACS (The Maryland Association of Community Services) presented the 2015 Annual Direct Support and Supervision Staff Awards on April 23rd at the MACS Direct Support and Supervision Conference in Ocean City, Maryland.The awards highlight outstanding examples of direct support and supervisory staff supporting people with disabilities in living full lives.

Penn-Mar nominated Colin VanExel, Residential Supervisor of a Penn-Mar group home, for the Outstanding Supervisor Award. To be nominated for this award you must make significant or extraordinary efforts to improve the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the quality of agency services, have excellent leadership and management skills, implement innovative ideas to the agency and people who receive supports, excellent communication skills, seek opportunities for additional education, and constantly make a positive impact on the lives of people the agency serves.

Penn-Mar Human Services proudly nominates Colin VanExel as the Direct Support Supervisor of the year.  Colin not only exceeds expectations in his job requirements of Residential Supervisor, but goes out of his way to support, coach and guide individuals and staff towards success.  One could go on how Colin is professional, an advocate and engages his staffs and individuals to meet their personal and professional goals but it is Colin’s ability to demonstrate servant leadership and extreme excellence which makes him one of a kind.

Colin builds strong, diverse teams.  His management style is one that brings out the best in staff. He is the master of receiving and delivering constructive criticism.  Though turnover is inevitable, the turnover in Colin’s program is for growth.  Colin builds leaders.  Colin maximizes the potential of each of his staff and promotes collaboration and innovation.  His enthusiasm generates excitement throughout the house staff which has an overall lasting effect on the individuals he holistically case manages.

Each individual, in the home Colin supervises, is treated with respect and given every opportunity to turn their lives into something worth living.    Through the death of a loved one to supporting someone through extreme medical issues, Colin shows compassion and empathy towards the individuals and their families.  For example, one of the individuals Colin supports was hospitalized for a long period of time due to urinary complications.  Colin stood by this individual and advocated for the best medical care, which ultimately ended in the individual being transferred to another hospital to obtain more appropriate care.  The individual made an incredible recovery and following rehabilitation, Colin began working with this individual to achieve his lifelong goal of working independently in the community.  Through an extensive exploration and discovery process Colin assisted, and continues to assist, in finding a job for the individual based on his strengths.

Colin’s initiative and innovation does not stop with his subordinates or the individuals in his program.  He continues to provide his knowledge and guides others who may fall short of their true potential.  Assisting in programs outside his own, Colin can be found encouraging others to be strong and persevere.  Penn-Mar Human Services thrives on our Core Values of integrity, excellence, collaboration and innovation.  Colin embodies all of these values and is a true reflection of how we transform life into living at Penn-Mar Human Services.

Colin is also featured in a 2013 video which highlights the innovative services at Penn-Mar.

MACS is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening agencies to better support people with developmental disabilities and their families in their own communities. This is accomplished through advocacy that promotes the highest standards of program excellence; fosters a climate that develops and nurtures a quality workforce; and results in an increased capacity within Maryland communities to support people in inclusive settings.

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