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Writer’s Workshop: Our Original Story, “The Adventures of Mimi and Fafa”

Posted on April 1, 2021

As many of you know, COVID-19 led us to launch some exciting and engaging Virtual Supports.

One of them, a Writer’s Workshop, is hard at work learning about story development and character building. To exercise these skills and get the creative juices flowing, we’ve started writing a book! It doesn’t have a name yet, but it is being developed through a collaboration of people currently supported by Penn-Mar and staff. 

If you’d like to help us write our book, or are interested in creating some fun drawings to be included in the final project, please contact Jen Hisey: jhisey@penn-mar.org

We’re halfway through the story and will be adding updates here each week, so that you can follow along with the story’s development!

The Adventures of Mimi and Fafa

Once upon a time there lived two Wood Fairy sisters, Fafa and Mimi.  They lived in a large castle deep in the forest.  Together, they ruled over the realm of the Wood Fairies.

Fafa was the older sister and took her responsibilities very seriously.  As the older sister, it was her responsibility to take care of Mimi.  She always made sure that everyone followed the rules and never joked around.  She also had a very short temper.  When people broke the rules, she would get very angry.  She took her job so seriously, she didn’t have time to make friends, nor was she very well liked.  This made Fafa very sad and lonely. When she had time, Fafa would spend hours playing with model trains all by herself. Fafa loved trains.  Trains did what they were supposed to do.  They were strong and dependable. Her favorite train was a wood-burning locomotive, complete with a caboose.

Mimi, on the other hand, was a very spirited little fairy.  While Fafa was serious and stern, Mimi was carefree and kind.  She could often be found running through the forest with the younger fairies.  They loved playing games such as hide and seek and tag.  She took time to listen to problems of the older fairies.  She made friends everywhere she went. Mimi also loved to garden.  She loved growing flowers that attracted different birds, bees, and butterflies.  Mimi’s garden was beautiful and serene.  It was a quiet place for her to enjoy the nature that she loved. Her favorite thing to grow in the garden was plump, juicy tomatoes.

One day, while playing a game, Mimi and her friends came across Fafa’s train set.  Mimi and her friends wanted to play with it, so they took it apart, giving each one a train car to play with.  While playing with the trains, the track broke and several of the wheels fell off.  Mimi knew that this would upset Fafa, so she took the broken trains and hid them deep in the forest.  When Fafa went looking for her trains, she couldn’t find them anywhere.  She asked Mimi, but Mimi told her she didn’t know.  One day Fafa was taking a walk deep in the forest and came upon her broken trains.  This made Fafa very angry.  She took the broken pieces and confronted Mimi.  She asked Mimi how her trains got broken and ended up deep in the forest.  Eventually, Mimi confessed that it was her who broke the trains and hid them away.  Fafa got really angry at Mimi and stormed into Mimi’s garden and smashed all of Mimi’s prized tomatoes.  From that day, the relationship between Fafa and Mimi was never the same.

After the fight with Mimi, Fafa decided to run away from the forest.  She took all her trains and belongings and ran away to Balmore City.  When Fafa got to the city, she had trouble finding a place to live.  Fafa discovered the subway and made her home deep in the underground.  It was very dark and cold.  Fafa became even more lonely than before.  She resented the way Mimi treated her.  While living underground, Fafa plotted her revenge.  Her plans included building a train that would destroy the forest.  She knew that destroying the forest would be the ultimate revenge against Mimi.

When Fafa ran away, Mimi was very upset and worried.  She put together a search party to look for Fafa.  They looked throughout the forest.  They even went to Balmore City, but they couldn’t find her anywhere.  Mimi was very sad and heartbroken over the loss of her sister.  But she had hope that one day, Fafa would return.  In the meantime, Mimi worked on creating a beautiful garden full of flowers and vegetables that reminded her of her sister.  She even built a special train with its own track just for Fafa.  Over the years, Mimi continued to hope for Fafa’s return.

After years of plotting her revenge, Fafa decided it was time to return to the forest.  She started building her train track, cutting down all the trees in her way.  This forced the Wood fairies to flee from their homes.  Mimi became very distraught over Fafa’s return and the destruction of the forest.  To protect the rest of the forest and the Wood fairies, Mimi decided she needed to enchant the forest, but she didn’t know how.

Mimi went in search of Fafa wanting answers for the destruction.  She returned to Balmore City and discovered the subway Fafa built.  She realized that Fafa has lived a cold, sad, and lonely life with no love or attention.  While searching the subway for Fafa, Mimi found the plans for Fafa’s revenge.  Fafa was planning to destroy the forest they grew up in!  She planned to cut down all the trees and lay train tracks throughout the land.  Hidden in the dungeon of the subway, Fafa had a massive train she planned to use.  This train produced a lot of pollution.  The pollution smelled bad and made everything around it dirty.  When Mimi discovered these plans, she realized she needed to enchant the forest as soon as possible.

Mimi spent hours in the castle library trying to find a way to enchant the forest.  She stumbled upon a journal written by her mother that told of a spell book hidden deep in a cave, protected by a giant bear.  Unfortunately, the journal did not say how to get to the cave.  Mimi set off on her journey to find this spell book.  She traveled throughout the land looking for the hidden cave.  One day, she stumbled upon Woodrow the Wizard.  Woodrow the Wizard looked like a gnome.  He had a long, flowing brown beard and brown, beady eyes.  He had an infectious laugh and kindly demeanor.  Mimi liked him instantly.  She asked him about the hidden cave.  Not only did Woodrow know where it was, he had a map!  Mimi became very excited!  She only had one more obstacle to overcome.  The giant brown bear.  Luckily, Woodrow the Wizard had an idea.

Woodrow found a beehive high up in a tree.  Using a tall ladder, the wizard climbed up to the beehive.  With a little bit of magic, Woodrow smoked the bees from the hive and retrieved a honeycomb.  Walking through the forest, Woodrow found some colorful, juicy berries.  He then made his way to the river where he scooped up a few salmon with his net.  Woodrow created an open area to place the salmon.  Using the berries, he made a trail from the salmon to the cave.  He tied the honeycomb to the end of a long stick.  Quietly, he entered the cave.  Using the honeycomb tied to the stick, Woodrow slid it under the bear’s nose.  After several minutes, the bear smelled the honeycomb and woke up.  Slowly, Woodrow backed out of the cave with the bear trailing behind him. Outside the cave, the bear found a trail of berries and headed off into the forest.

As soon as the bear left the cave, Mimi ran inside.  She found footprints in the mud and followed them to the spell book.  She collected the book and raced out of the cave before the bear could return.

Mimi opened the spell book in search of a spell that would enchant the forest. She found the recipe for a magic potion. With Woodrow’s help, Mimi forged the forest for the ingredients.  They found the reddest apple on a tree, collected four large acorns, cut three branches of pussy willows, and removed the softest petals from two yellow roses. With the ingredients in hand, Mimi and Woodrow traveled back to Mimi’s castle to prepare the potion.  Once the potion was ready, Mimi and Woodrow created a boundary around the forest.  Reciting the spell, Mimi enchanted all the living things that lived within the boundary, protecting them from harm.

On the other side of the forest, Fafa climbed the tallest tree and discovered that Mimi had enchanted the entire forest.  This angered Fafa.  Fafa returned to Balmore city and searched high and low for something that would break the enchantment.  Fafa learned of an evil witch who lived in a creepy, haunted castle on top of Skull Mountain.  Fafa set out on her journey to find the witch.  She traveled through the Haunted Forest. She waded through the Quicksand of Doom.  Finally, she arrived at Skull Mountain.  She told the Evil Witch about the enchanted forest and her desire to destroy it.  The Evil Witch sensed an opportunity to overthrow the kingdom of the Wood Fairies.

The witch offered Fafa a way to break the enchantment.  It was a large, coal-burning locomotive that was powerful enough to break through Mimi’s protection spell.  But it came with a price.  Fafa had to capture Mimi and give her to the witch!

Does Fafa agree to the deal?  What happens next?

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