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Call for Bids

Penn-Mar Human Services; a nonprofit organization providing supports to adults with disabilities is currently seeking bids until April 24th, 2020 to repave our 51,157 square foot existing parking located at 310 Old Freeland Road Freeland Maryland 21053. This project must be completed no later than June 30, 2020.

This scope of work will include digging lot to stone subbase, leveling and skimming multiple area before applying topcoat, tac coating all surfaces, and pouring of hot tar to seal all cold seams and roadway joints. Once this is completed the lot will be lined and striped to the specifications of the Penn-Mar’s design. In addition to the parking lot, the sidewalk will need to undergo repairs and safety enhancements in the same time frame as the parking lot. The selected bidder will also tear out and remove 20 feet of sunken sidewalk in front of entryway steps; and stone grade area drill in pins to help with settling issues. Selected bidder will also wire reinforce pour expansion joints and pour 4 inches of 3000Ib concrete mix to ensure a smooth transition.

Due to the lack of available working space, parking spaces, and the safety of the men women receiving services the project must be completed in phases.

We will evaluate the bidder on the following criteria:

1. Level of experience performing the type of work requested

2. Familiarity with compliance with federal regulations, including the Davis-Bacon Act

3. Quality of the proposal in terms of its detail, thoroughness, accuracy

4. Overall responsiveness to the request for proposals

5. Quality of references

6. Price

7. Ability to complete the job in a timely manner

For additional questions or to submit your bid, please email Will Cambley; Director of Facilities at