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Penn-Mar offers volunteer opportunities for both individuals and corporations to be a part of our mission and to create meaningful impact in the lives of those we support. Every moment you share helps foster a sense of inclusion and community. Whether you’re assisting with events, landscaping & beautification projects, working with our Customized Employment team or hosting those we support at workplace events, your efforts are vital to our mission! 

To learn more about Volunteering, please contact:
Tina Chan Sweenie
Manager of Volunteer and Donor Engagement

Corporate Volunteering

Why Volunteer at Penn-Mar?

  • The opportunity to live out your company values.
  • Get to know the people we support and our team members.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Landscaping/Beautification projects can have a significant positive impact on our homes, their residents, and our volunteer teams. By helping to prepare one of our Penn-Mar homes, in Pennsylvania and Maryland for the summer and winter seasons, you can help create a more comfortable and visually appealing living environment throughout the seasons!
  • Hosting a workplace tour and lunch for the people we support can be a wonderful way to foster connections with your community, create mutual understanding, and invest in a more inclusive and supportive community. Some of those we support are part of our Customized Employment Program, looking to gain insight; some just want to gain experience speaking with different people, while others are simply curious about what people do in their workplaces.
  • Holidays at Penn-Mar are vibrant, as it’s our way to come together to create a festive and inclusive atmosphere for all! Halloween parties, Trunk or Treats, Thanksgiving feasts, meeting Santa, and End of Summer Cookouts; we enjoy a good celebration! We’re excited to invite you to support our upcoming events by covering the cost of food and fun, while also joining us as volunteers.
  • Field Day is a unique and rewarding outdoor volunteer experience. Engage in fun-filled activities alongside the individuals from our Penn-Mar Day Learning Center and Residential Programs.
  • Customized Employment At Penn-Mar, we’re proud to be an Employment 1st provider, dedicated to helping individuals forge meaningful paths to employment. Providing coaching, mock interviews, resume review, and mentoring are powerful ways to support individuals in transitioning into new positions and achieving success in their careers. These activities can significantly boost their confidence, skills, and readiness for their first of many days on the job!
  • Host an event with us! Creating opportunities for individuals with disabilities to join in the excitement of various events, regardless of ability or finances, allows everyone the chance to partake in the joy of communal experiences. By extending an invitation to individuals with disabilities, you’re fostering an environment of inclusion.

Download the Onsite Projects PDF and the Corporate Volunteering Takeaway for more information.

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