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Come volunteer with us! 

Penn-Mar offers opportunities for both individuals and corporations to be a part of our mission to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) live courageously.

We offer both in-person and virtual opportunities.

To learn more about Volunteering, please contact:
Tina Chan Sweenie
Manager of Volunteer and Donor Engagement
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Onsite Projects

Volunteer opportunities are available for groups ranging in size from 10-100. Between our Day Learning locations in Maryland and Pennsylvania, and our numerous residential homes, there is always a helping hand needed. Depending on the size and interest of the volunteer group, projects range from building table vegetable gardens, planting gardens, power-washing, spruce-ups, themed events, and more.

Download the Onsite Projects PDF for more information.


Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

COVID-19 safety measures led us to launch a Virtual Volunteering program. This program has been so well-received that it’s here to stay!

It’s easy and flexible and the Penn-Mar team will work with you to develop fun and engaging virtual experiences in a safe environment. Virtual Volunteering provides a unique opportunity to get to know the people we support while meeting everyone’s social distancing needs!

Join us for one of our fun and educational programs:

  • Discover Your Personal Genius Have a hobby or interest that you want to share? This is a fun, hands on group that allows the women and men we support to explore new and exciting experiences!
  • Book Club – Enjoy reading aloud and discussing books? We have the crew for you! Take turns reading, get your team to get into character for a group read and enjoy a lively discussion.
  • Small Creative Businesses – Our entrepreneurs are looking to connect with those who can guide them through development of networking, education, promotion, and sales opportunities. Help direct these creatives to take the next step!
  • Lunch Time Escape – Love traveling and talking about your adventures? Are your families and friends sick of hearing about your travels? Here’s your opportunity to share photos of you floating in the Arabian sea, or tell stories about when you nearly got attacked by macaques in Borneo . . . the people we support want to hear it all!
  • Career of the Week – Your first interview, that first job, how you started your career, or what you love about your current position – we are interested in learning about what you do!
  • Health and Wellness – Here’s a fun and social way of getting in your workout! Have a routine you want to share, simple yoga moves to demonstrate, or just want dance it out? This is a great way to break up the day, get your body moving, and make friends along the way.

Download the Virtual Volunteer Opportunities PDF to share with your team!


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