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Family & Peer Supports


Currently, Family and Peer Supports are only offered in Maryland.

Individuals who are 16 or older and are either currently receiving or expecting to receive services from the Developmental Disabilities Administration are eligible. Their families are also eligible. If enrolled in any of the three Medicaid Waivers (Family Supports, Community Pathways, or Community Supports), you can make a request for funding for yourself or a family member to receive Family and Peer Supports.

The supports are tailored to the needs of the person or their family, and your trained mentor will teach you skills to effectively advocate for yourself or your loved one. For people receiving services, peer supports provide an opportunity to learn from your peer mentor’s personal experiences. Their lived experiences provide invaluable insight and can help you make decisions about your own life. Through peer mentoring workshops, you’ll prepare yourself to lead your life with the support you want from the people and professionals around you.

We provide both in-person and virtual supports, allowing us to serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families throughout Maryland. Family and Peer Supports are offered in both 1:1 and group-based capacities, so you’ll get to meet other people as well as receive personalized time with your mentor.


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