Peer Mentoring Program for Transitioning Youth | Disabilites

Transitioning Youth


Transitioning from youth to adulthood is a crucial time for every young person, particularly for youth with disabilities.

It’s a time young people gain the knowledge and skills they will need to enhance their self-sufficiency and launch their career exploration. Penn-Mar representatives work closely with local school systems, vocational rehabilitation agencies, and family networks to provide guidance on making a smooth transition to adulthood through the services and supports we provide.

To further support transitioning youth and families, Penn-Mar is developing a peer mentoring program that provides guidance and support from people with lived experiences making transition from school to adulthood. Please see our Peer Mentoring Program page for more information.

Penn-Mar also has developed a specific transitioning youth program in Carroll County, MD that engages students in innovative ways that lay the foundation for their employment success and independence in the community. The Career Exploration program, funded through the Division of Rehabilitative Services (DORS) and the Carroll County Post-Secondary Education program, provides supports to post- secondary education students to explore a variety of career paths, discover their interests, skills, and conditions for success, as well as develop an individualized employment plan that they can use upon exiting school and transitioning to the world of work.

Put simply, Penn-Mar continues to design robust supports to those youth and families who are navigating the transition from school to adulthood and are looking for supports that are community integrated, build independence, and help to launch youth on their career journey.

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