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Last Quarter’s P.R.I.D.E. Winners Announced


Announcing, last quarter’s PRIDE award winners! The following winners were invited to the annual P.R.I.D.E. luncheon with the Management Team. During this occasion, there was an award presentation, framed certificates were given out and pictures were taken.  Please congratulate these PRIDE winners when you see them! Here are the winners and why they were chosen:

  • Wilberforce  Osei-Willy has shown PRIDE by doing a great job at getting to know the new individuals and helping to put together CLA07.  He offered to help cover the multitude of open hours when the house opened, helping the program to get off to a great start.  The individuals have requested him to go along on outings with them.  Willy always has a big smile that he wears no matter what the situation.  He also took time out to rescue staff when they had a flat tire, Willy made sure that they got to work for a meeting.  I believe Willy shows a tremendous amount of PRIDE in his work, and he is a great asset to Penn-Mar. wo
  • Mark Rivera-Junkins displays all of our core values on a never ending basis. I would like to highlight the way he exemplifies collaboration specifically. No matter the department, Mark is the first to step up offer a helping hand. Working long hours and helping in other departments is nothing he is unfamiliar with. His dedication to transforming life into living for those we serve is something to be admired as he models this behavior continuously.mrj
  • George Matheis transferred into the AON position at ALU 07 sometime ago.  He has very quickly become an invaluable member of the team at ALU 07.  He is very attentive to the residents and he is an absolute team player from running appointments, to covering shifts, to just being someone to listen.  I and several others are incredibly impressed with the amount of collaboration, excellence and innovation George brings to both the individuals and the staff at ALU
  • Amanda Harris has been a great help in making sure that CLA07 opened without incidents.  She went up and above to make sure that issues were taken care of right away.  When the individuals were ready to move in, we were told at the last minute the internet provider could not come to our location.  Amanda quickly found another company, and had them come out on the weekend to take care of the service.  Amanda did not stop there, she called on a Saturday to make sure the company completed their job, and that the services were working.  She spent a lot of time texting and calling me to make sure all the installations for the house went well and keeping me updated on the progress of all the utilities.  Amanda went up and above her job to make sure the group home had the resources it needed to open.   She was always a pleasure to work with. ah
  • David Onguti- Recently David’s house has been dealing with a difficult situation. He has gone above and beyond what is required to make sure that everything is being taken care of. He has come in early and stayed late to help complete what needed to be done. He has collaborated with his Supervisor to make sure that despite the current situation that everything is still running
  • Britney Lowenthal goes up and above to care for her one-on-one at the day program. She accompanies house staff to doctor’s appointments to ensure that she is up to date with his seizure protocols. Britney also started collecting cans at the day program so that her individual would have money to participate in the activities he enjoys.   Her co-workers respect her and praise the great job that she does. Others say they have never seen a bigger smile across her individual’s face. Britney doesn’t just stop at helping her one-on-one individual.  She has helped other individuals reduce frustrations by smashing the cans. She also takes another individual home every year for the holidays and for his birthday. I think Britney is a great asset to Penn-Mar and has big heart for the individuals that we
  • Heidi Morris has displayed all of the core values:  Innovation, Collaboration, Integrity and Excellence.  She has been creative in the curriculum she puts together for the Discovery Program.  Heidi works well with the staff in collaborating their input, ideas and delivery of the material.  This orchestrates a productive team environment.  Heidi deals with things honestly and openly, working to bring everyone together as a team Excellence is shown in how she gets the job done, and through her dedication to the company. She jumps in to get projects started (such as painting the walls) and follows through to see that the job gets done. Heidi also looks for the extra things to do to give what she does a complimentary touch. Heidi is a genuine and sincere person who has proven to give nothing less than her
  • Michelle Delozier demonstrates Penn-Mar’s core values, as well as P.R.I.D.E. each and every day. If one value should stick out most of all, it would be collaboration. From organizing a Maryland Line luncheon “just because” to coaching co-workers and employees, she does it all. Need a hammer? Michelle has it! Forgot your lunch? Michelle will fix something up for you. Emergency? Michelle is there to support and assist. She believes all things are possible and strives to ensure a positive team atmosphere. Her optimistic presence emits confidence and exudes comfort to those around her. As posted on her office door, a quote from Douglas Adams: “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be”. I like to think Penn-Mar is that place she is meant to
  • Renee Jackson demonstrated excellence when she was faced with a challenging situation beyond her control in the group home she supervises.  She immediately took control with a positive attitude.  Her positive attitude spilled over to her staff.  She led her team at a difficult time for everyone.  She collaborated with her supervisor, her team and others to make sure everything that needed to be done was taken care of.  Renee spoke with the families and made them feel at ease with the process.  Renee worked hard and demonstrated real leadership.rj
  • Sandra Dougherty-I am nominating Sandra Dougherty for the Pride award as she demonstrates all of our core values on a daily basis. As Activities Coordinator for the Maryland Day Program, Sandy has quite the array of job duties. Sandy manages our A.I. team who collectively teach 60 classes per week. These classes include Community, Gym and Art. Sandy is always helping the team come up with innovative ways to better engage our individuals in each class. In addition to managing the AI team Sandy works diligently with a multitude of people, businesses and corporations in the community. The most recent connection has been with Leg Up Farm (a beautiful non-profit therapy center) who have welcomed the individuals we serve to be their first ever group of adults with disabilities. Here they learn how to groom, feed, and ride horses. She has been an integral role in connecting our individuals to others in the community. Sandy serves as the chair on the Safety committee and is part of the “After Hours” committee. She oversees all therapies and community outings, is a site-monitor, OPD certified investigator, drug tester, wheelchair tie-down and lift trainer. Wow right!? Sandy is a role-model and one of the most dedicated employees I’ve seen at Penn-Mar. She truly wants to transform life into

Thank you, and congratulations!!!

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