Our Leadership

  • Gregory T. Miller

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    “I love my life. It’s so full on so many levels, with a spiritual calling and purpose.”

    Son of a math teacher who considered a career in accounting. Recalculated after meeting a girl studying social work who would become his future wife. Four children and four grandchildren later, this ordained pastor with community service in the family DNA counts success by the number of people in his care who are working, enjoying life and taking part in the community. When not innovating: hunting and fishing.

    Greatest strength: level of discernment.

  • Robert Kuhn

    Chief Financial Officer

    “I want to be a servant leader, to help other people who don’t have quite the same opportunities as I.”

    An only child who once dreamed of being an astronomer or meteorologist. Drawn to accounting by a beloved high school teacher who recognized his potential for business. Starting out in public finance, he vowed he would never work for a non-profit. Credits his social worker wife for changing his direction and blessing him with three sons and two grandchildren. Environment of choice: the great outdoors.

    Daily goal: to be a good role model for his sons.

  • Kathy Rogers

    Chief Advancement Officer | Executive Director Penn-Mar Foundation;

    “The path doesn’t always have to be straight and narrow. I’m good with the journey.”

    A childhood fixation with Harriet the Spy’s insatiable appetite for collecting information led to momentary dreams of becoming a secret agent. Wife, mother, equestrian, Crankin’ Crabs cyclist, and life-long learner, she began her career in fashion but was irresistibly drawn to non- profit communities. Has a gift for turning floating ideas into actionable strategies. Secret weapon: staying relevant.

    Greatest joy: daughter Leigh, who lived life on her own terms, but always with a caring heart.

  • Paul Schiavone

    Chief Human Resources Officer

    “At the stage of my career, it matters that I’m doing something that helps to improve the world.” With five siblings and a father who also worked in HR, his people skills and career path were destined to merge. A college soccer player with an MBA in finance, this husband and father of four made the transition to Human Resources by listening well, thinking critically and balancing employee advocacy with business needs.

    High priority: giving back to the community.

    Goal still to be achieved: reading an entire book without being interrupted by his kids.

  • Jackie Stevens

    Chief Operations Officer

    “No matter what your role on the team – bench or superstar – everyone is critical to the team’s

    Raised on a farm that she described as “the ultimate equal opportunity employer.” Learned from her parents to just go out and do what has to be done. A two-time All-American volleyball player, she came to Penn-Mar with a two-year plan. Twenty-Six years later, she can boast she’s worked in almost every Penn-Mar program, met her husband on-the- job, raised two beautiful daughters and is always up to the next challenge.

    Favorite Quote: “Life is not tried it is merely survived if you’re standing outside the fire” -Garth Brooks