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Penn-Mar Safety Committee announces the winners of the Safety Sentry Award

The Penn-Mar Safety Committee announced the winners of the Safety Sentry Award on Thursday 7/3/14. Congratulate the following employees if you see them around! Thank you for making Penn-Mar a safe place to work, learn and live!


Will Street

[The residential disaster] drill laid out informational sheets regarding the disaster, and a plan for the drill. It was followed by the different time spans in this disaster, and explained exactly how the consumers and staff responded. At the end another staff, responded with how they felt this drill went, and what areas we could improve. It was very thought provoking and really ensured that our consumers knew what to do in the time of a emergency.


Evonne Walters

Evonne is a PT RA who only works on the weekends at CLA20. Evonne has only worked at the house for 2 weeks and has already brought a safety concern to our attention. There is a cable that runs across a doorway in the house that creates a tripping hazard. Evonne brought this issue to my attention and also created a solution to the problem. I told Evonne I would contact maintenance and have them address the issue.


Alesha Thompson

Alesha is always making sure she is driving safe! She doesn’t go over the speed limit and is always assessing her surroundings for dangers. She is awesome!


Nominations can be given by anyone within the organization and it is given to staff and the individuals we serve! You can nominate through the “Celebrate Achievement” site and click on the Safety Sentry link. (

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