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Amanda and Jon: A Heartwarming Love Story

Posted on February 13, 2024

A woman and man who are in a relationship hugging.Forget Taylor and Travis. Jon and Amanda are the real “power couple,” according to Dawn Allen, one of Penn-Mar’s Maryland Program Managers.

It was love at first sight when Jon laid eyes on Amanda at a Penn-Mar Halloween party eight years ago. His immediate thought was, “I want to date her.” And although Amanda prefers unicorns and Disney characters to “scary” movies and superheroes, she couldn’t help but be attracted to Jon in his Jack Skellington mask.

Jon has been living in a Penn-Mar community home since 2001; Amanda in another Penn-Mar home since 2014. Both participate in Penn-Mar’s Day Program where they enjoy attending the Cooking Club, joining in games and activities, and going out in the community.

“Jon and Amanda love to spend time together, sometimes in the same groups, but they don’t always have to be right beside each other,” said Rhonda Morano, Day Program Manager. “Sometimes they like having their own personal space. They just like knowing that each is close by.”

Jon calls Amanda his “first true love.” His other endearment for her is “princess.”

“Amanda brings out the best in Jon,” said Rhonda. “He can be strong willed, but Amanda brings out the soft side of his loving nature.”

They also attend meetings together with each other’s Service Coordinator where Jon is more forthcoming when Amanda is there.

During COVID the couple drifted apart without regular contact but when the Day Program resumed Dawn overheard Jon telling someone he wanted to ask Amanda to the movies. At his request, she brought Amanda over to sit next to him and she saw the sparks fly between them for herself. With the help of the Residential Supervisors at both of their homes, a date was arranged, and the couple was back on track.

When asked what attracts her most to Jon, Amanda is quick to say, “He’s handsome, a good kisser, and a good talker!”

Small wonder she invited him to be her date for Penn-Mar’s Valentine’s Day Dance. Jon readily accepted (“I’ve been her Valentine for a long time”) and added he would also like to take her to dinner at Cracker Barrel and blurted out that he bought her a special gift at The Dollar Store.

“When you watch the two of them together you can see the genuine connection that a lot of couples miss out on,” said Dawn. “It’s so heartwarming to be around what Amanda calls, ‘a happy, dating couple.’”

Love is (definitely) in the air.

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