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Charlie’s Journey

Posted on June 25, 2015

Charlie lived much of his early years in a foster home. When his foster mother became too old to care for him, she recommended Charlie to Penn-Mar. Today, Charlie lives in one of Penn-Mar’s independent residential facilities and is achieving two of his lifelong goals: a rewarding job in the community and a place of his own. Before his employment at Apple Automotive, Charlie had a job recycling toner cartridges. He did an excellent job. He cleaned them, filled them with toner and delivered them. One day he made the decision he wanted a job reflecting his interests and love of cars.

Not long after that, Cliff Billet saw Charlie detailing his own car in a parking lot. He asked Charlie if he would like to detail his car. Charlie was delighted and showed Cliff and others his interest in car detailing, which led to Apple Automotive. In July of 2012, Charlie made a successful transition to Apple Automotive, York, PA, as a lot attendant for the Honda, Chevy and Nissan Dealerships. During his 20-hour work week, Charlie earns a competitive wage. He picks up his van at Apple Car Wash Express, gathers the keys for the lot vehicles on his schedule, and gets the supplies to shine tires and clean the interiors.

The work ethic and pride Charlie has in his job is inspiring. He always shows up for his job on time, going out in the cold of winter and the heat and humidity of summer to do his job. He touches more keys than any employee and has never lost a key.

“Doing my best” is his motto. He is known for tackling his duties by doing his best and being on the move all the time. “His job, his co-workers, and the sales teams at each dealership have a truly positive impact on Charlie’s self esteem”, says Steve Wambler, Apple Car Wash Express. “When he received a special vacuum, Charlie appreciated it greatly because he could do a better job. When I gave Charlie a performance review and a pay raise, what really meant the most to him was the recognition, not the extra money. He was quite proud of that,” says Steve

The sales team at Apple Honda appreciates everything he does to keep their vehicles clean and ready to sell.

They are pleased with all he does—so pleased, in fact, that they bought him a jacket.

The sales teams at the Chevy and Nissan dealerships are equally delighted.

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