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Giving It All He Has

Posted on May 14, 2019

It’s been a year now since Vince Brady, 53, got his job at Infinito’s and he is loving it, especially because he’s making tips on top of earning a paycheck.

“Vince does love his job, and he’s very money driven,” said Penn-Mar Career Counselor Tricia Zeltwanger. “Whenever he sees me, he’ll tell me how much he’s made in tips.”

Infinito’s is an independent, local, family-owned and operated restaurant buffet chain with eight locations in the region. Vince works at their location on South Queen Street in York, and Manager, Troy Garner, said everything has been going well. Infinito’s also employs another Penn-Mar individual, Steve Busler, at its other York buffet on North George Street. Steve was profiled in a story last spring. Together, Vince and Steve bring a lot of enthusiasm to their work at Infinito’s, and are helping to fill an employment need for the restaurant chain.

“Vince tells me just about every day that he loves his job,” said Troy. “You don’t hear that from a lot of people.”

Residential Supervisor, Shanna Anzelc, who oversees Vince’s Penn-Mar residence, where he’s lived since 1997, said Vince gets ready for work well in advance, and starts resting up for his weekend shifts on Wednesdays. He generally works evenings Fridays and Saturdays, and sometimes on Sundays.

Vince’s primary responsibility at Infinito’s is maintaining the dining room bussing the tables and wiping them down, and general tidying up. If any issues arise on the job, Troy noted, he discusses them with Tricia and together with Vince they work them out.

“I do appreciate the way Penn-Mar follows up if we do have an issue arise,” said Troy. “There’s lots of support.”

“He’s fun and has a great sense of humor,” said Tricia. “He’s a jokester.”

Vince admits he enjoys interacting with the customers at Infinito’s and making them laugh.

“I’ve never had a complaint from anyone. He gets along with everybody – the customers and the crew,” Troy said.

Prior to his job at Infinito’s, Vince worked at American Cooling Technology for seven years. He likes to keep busy and is out most days on trips to some of his favorite shops like Goodwill, or to eat out. As a horror movie fan, a trip to the theater is often on the agenda. Vince also enjoys spending his evenings at home with his two cats Elvis and Duke.

Vince has had to overcome significant family loss in his life. His parents and two of his sisters passed away some years ago, but he said talking to people has helped him get through the grief, and added that his faith has helped him too.

It’s his desire and natural ability to connect with people that has opened up opportunities and greater independence for Vince. Work makes him happy.

“I’m extremely proud of him for giving it all he has,” said Tricia “He’s come a long way.”

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