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Last Quarter’s P.R.I.D.E. Winners Announced

Posted on June 6, 2016

By Gregory T. Miller, President and Chief Executive Officer, Penn-Mar Human Services | Chief Executive Officer, Penn-Mar Foundation

Announcing, last quarter’s PRIDE award winners! The following winners were invited to the annual P.R.I.D.E. luncheon with the Management Team. During this occasion, there was an award presentation, framed certificates were given out and pictures were taken. Please congratulate these PRIDE winners when you see them! Here are the winners and why they were chosen:

Corrina Elliott
Corrina shows her commitment to excellence each day in the Discovery program. She is passionate about helping the individuals she supports to increase their skills and knowledge. She spends much time finding innovative ways to enhance programing so that job training and personalized learning are fun and enjoyable for the individuals. Corrina is eager to learn new skills and assume more responsibility, she constantly seeks out opportunities to contribute more to Penn-Mar. Corrina readily shares her knowledge with others, recently she has played a major role in training new day program staff to work in the Discovery program. Corrina makes each day more enjoyable for everyone around her.

Dana Fink
Part of the Learning Management Software (LMS) is called “Brainshark”. This is platform that allows Penn-Mar to create virtual learning (training) content. The platform has been at a nominal cost in the past. This year Brainshark increased their functionality and price to $10,000 a year! Dana researched, and applied for a $20,000 grant from the company that will cover 2 years of cost for this technology. Their willingness to engage in a dialogue with the Technology Company and navigate the grant process, write the grant… has ensured Penn-Mar to have this important innovative technology.

Hayley Arnold
(1st nomination) Hayley began her journey at Penn-Mar 1 1/2 years ago as a Residential Assistant. Due to her strong work ethic, positive attitude, and confidence, she worked her way up to a Senior Residential Assistant position in a short period of time. Hayley works in many programs continually providing excellent support to all individuals and staff she works with. She recently was promoted to a Residential Supervisor position and has worked tirelessly to make this program a success. Hayley should be commended for her dedication to the individuals she supports, her co-workers, and staff. She is a tremendous asset to the Penn-Mar team!

(2nd nomination) Hayley displays integrity by carefully thinking about her choices prior to making a decision. She always wants to be sure decisions made are of the best interest of the individuals and the Woodland Drive program. Hayley always treats her staff with respect and is honest with them. She holds her staff accountable and herself to high standards. Hayley works hard to ensure her program is running smoothly. She has completely transformed the Woodland Drive program. Not only does she ensure state regulations and the individual’s needs are being met, but that the individuals are happy. Hayley is a very strong advocate for the individuals in every aspect of their lives. Hayley displays collaboration in the way she values the differences and abilities in each of her team members. Hayley works with her team to ensure there is always appropriate coverage for the program. Hayley is always willing to help in other programs and has been very successful with bringing many new sub staff into the Woodland Drive program. Hayley has built close relationships with the individuals residing at the Woodland Drive program and has come to know them very well within just a few months. She has created goals for the individuals that are person-centered. In an effort to gain compliance with taking medications, Hayley started involving an individual in the medication administration process and helping her to understand her medications. Since doing this, there have been far fewer medication refusals from this individual. Hayley advocated for this individual to attend diabetes training and as a result, this individual is now able to administer her own insulin with staff only monitoring for accuracy. Hayley is creative and truly takes the individual’s preferences into consideration, truly transforming life into living for the individuals she supports. This is not only true within the home she supervises, but is shown in all other programs in which she works as well.

Jeannie McKee
I would like to nominate Jeannie McKee for the P.R.I.D.E award. Jeannie brings a crew of Penn Mar individuals to the Southern Community Services building every two weeks to clean our facility. Watching her work and interact with the Penn Mar individuals is totally amazing. She gives them instructions and then follows up with each one to make sure they are doing it correctly. If they are having problems, she works with them and shows them how to handle the problem and helps them to learn how to correct any mistakes. We have had many job coaches at SCS since I started working here, but none of them have taken the time to really work with the Penn Mar individuals the way she does. She is respectful, very kind, and is not afraid to really show them how to do the work. She gets her hands dirty just like the Penn Mar individuals! She always has a smile and a great attitude and a love for the individuals in her charge. She is the one person that truly shows the Penn Mar values; integrity, excellence, collaboration and innovation. This is one employee who truly deserves to be recognized and receive the P.R.I.D.E. award.

Kelly Hopper
This nomination is on the behalf of the Safety Committee and Ruby Jarrett. Kelly Hopper had just returned from the AM transport when a bolt was discovered in the tire of the van. Kelly took the tire off the van and put the donut on. She called me (the Supervisor) and then Cain’s auto. Then she delivered the tire to be prepared for repair for the afternoon transport. An impressive display of the safe-initiating problem solving skills.

Kathy Hull
I would like to nominate Kathy because she goes up and above in everything that she does. She transferred to the CLA07 home and has shown why she is a great asset to Penn-Mar. Kathy has a way with the individuals to show she cares, but yet is firm enough to earn their respect and teach them what life is all about. Kathy has pulled countless extra hours within the home to make sure there is coverage so the individuals can make it to all of their activities, which are endless. Kathy always has a positive manner and states we will get through this, even though some of the days are rather long. She took it upon herself to pack a bag and get snowed in at the home. She made sure the individuals enjoyed the snow storm by having snowball fights and playing board games. I appreciate all the hard work Kathy puts into her job and I know the individuals do as well. Thank you Kathy for always going above and beyond to make the workplace a pleasure.

Melissa Williams
Melissa goes above and beyond her role as a Program Manager to support the individuals and staff within her programs. Melissa has a very involved caseload of programs consisting of medical and behavioral needs. Melissa extends herself to be available at all times to assist her staff and individuals. While opening the new CLA7, Melissa worked nearly every day (weekends included) coordinating and ensuring the process was running smoothly. She came to the home to assist during the individuals’ moves on weekends. During that time, one of her individuals from another residence was experiencing significant health issues and was in and out of the ER. Melissa was able to juggle the process of opening the new home and maintaining open communication with the individuals’ family. While this individual had surgery, Melissa spent two days at the hospital supporting him and the family. Also during this time frame, Melissa had a new residential supervisor starting in one of her programs that was experiencing a staffing crisis. Melissa was able to train and support this new supervisor who is flourishing in her role and has been able to gain control of the program. Melissa’s continued dedication to the organization is to be revered as she continues to embody our mission statement of transforming life into living.

Teanna Cox
Below is a direct quote from one of the several families Teanna supports. The words shared here are echoed over and over among the other families Teanna supports. “I wanted to send an email to you to tell you what a great job Teanna is doing with [our child]. She has been working with [her] for the past month. Teanna checks in with me to reaffirm our schedule and she has been very patient and flexible. I feel she is very responsible and feel very comfortable when [our child] is out with her. I also feel when Teanna is with [her], she watches her and makes sure [she] is safe. [Our child’s] safety is a big concern for me. [She] is very comfortable with Teanna and enjoys talking with her and going out doing things with her. She filled in one Saturday to help us, when [she] and I were hosting our 16th Annual Chesapeake Down Syndrome Holiday party and she was wonderful, helpful and was very kind and outgoing with everyone. I feel Teanna shows pride in her work and uses the Penn-Mar core values; integrity, excellence, collaboration and innovation, and I feel she is very responsible and very mature. She has spent time with us in our home and I have gotten to know her ~ she is a pleasure.”

William Dyke
Will works as a Casual Employee in the PA Residential Program. From the start of his employment his supervisor knew that supervising him would be an absolute pleasure and he would bring something remarkable to the program. Will has worked in a few programs, he has fully devoted himself to these programs and the needs of the individuals. He never sees himself as a substitute staff member, he does anything “regular” staff do without prompting. Will goes out of his way. One individual he works with becomes agitated when he is in the community for a lengthy time. To ensure the individual is able to go without interrupting his housemate’s trip, Will drives his own car so they can end the trip when the individual is ready. He completed a last minute hospital discharge for an individual he has not worked with many times, when there was a great need for help. Will really shows that even if he works on an as needed basis, he is not an as needed employee. He brings something special to those lives he touches.

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