Meet Residential Supervisor Soumbouth Seng - Penn-Mar

Meet Residential Supervisor Soumbouth Seng

Posted on October 1, 2021

Soumbouth Seng is a Residential Supervisor who is passionate about helping individuals live life to the fullest. She began her career at Penn-Mar in October of 2016 as a Residential Assistant.

Prior to coming to Penn-Mar, Soumbouth worked in retail for 18 years where she got to meet and experience all types of people and personalities. There was one particular individual with an IDD (intellectual and developmental disability) who would come to the store frequently. She became familiarized with her happy smile and got to know her on a personal level.

Her empathetic and charismatic personality made her a great retail employee and has greatly impacted those she supports at Penn-Mar. She loves that she has gotten to meet so many individuals and their families through work. She says, “All the individuals deserve to experience life to the fullest. We are here to help them enjoy life. I feel like they are here to really teach us a lesson and we are all on this journey together. Working at Penn-Mar has made me a better person with patience, trust, and responsibility within myself and the organization.”

Soumbouth shares that she fell in love with Penn-Mar during her orientation. She knew she was in the right place after that. Between the people she met and the things she learned, she knew she made the right choice. She expresses that the most rewarding part of her job is “seeing the individuals happy, smiling, and well taken care of – living their life.”

For Soumbouth, no two days look the same. “Every single day is so different. You never know what you’re going to experience. People come to me for any type of question or concern. Every morning, one individual gives me a hug and welcomes me to our home which I love. We do a lot of baking and cooking, going out in nature on trails, and so much more!”

Soumbouth was part of the very first graduating class for our Leadership Program. In selecting the first cohort of participants, we looked for DSPs who consistently exemplified leadership and problem-solving skills. There were no financial incentives attached to the completion of this training and participants would ultimately invest over 40-plus hours throughout the 12-month program reading books, participating in coaching sessions, watching videos and completing homework and testing. Participants were counseled to “know yourself first with intensive self-reflection,” while completing the four study areas below to smooth the transition into a successful leadership role.

When asked “What advice do you have for someone considering becoming a Direct Support Professional at Penn-Mar,” she replied “Pursue it. You’re going to love it. There’s so much opportunity for growth and development. Penn-Mar is a great company to work with. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet people, build relationships, and grow. Give working here a chance!”

Soumbouth, thank you for all you do for the people you support and our organization. We are so lucky to have such an amazing and dedicated team member. Keep doing great things!

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