Meet the PMs: Emily Malone - Penn-Mar

Meet the PMs: Emily Malone

Posted on August 27, 2020

We’re excited to be sharing a new series: Meet the PMs! Our Program Managers are the unsung, behind-the-scenes heroes who have one of the toughest – and most important – jobs within our organization. We’re looking forward to you all getting to know them and their work a bit better, so tune in on social media for #MeetThePMs!

First up, Emily Malone!

Time at Penn-Mar: In May 2010, I was hired as a part-time Residential Assistant. I worked part-time in residential programs until I graduated from college and transferred to the PA Employment Department. In 2017, I moved into the Residential Program Manager role.

Why did you become a Program Manager? Early on in my career with Penn-Mar, I had a desire to promote into the Program Manager position. I viewed the role as one that would be able to impact many lives, individuals and team members. I had a strong desire to grow as a leader and ensure the supports that Penn-Mar provided were in line with our mission.

Why is Penn-Mar’s mission important to you? Recently, I had the opportunity to support a couple, within Penn-Mar, become spiritually married. Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, and Collaboration were all necessary in order to make this “normal” opportunity happen for them. It is my responsibility, as a Program Manager, to support the individuals within my programs in-line with Penn-Mar’s mission because they deserve to have a “life like mine.”

What’s one thing you wish people realized about your job? I have worked very hard to form meaningful relationships with the programs that I oversee. With these connections, I have become an active member of those teams. Program Managers are not just “the bosses that sit in the office all day,” we care about the folks that live in the programs and we want to see the team members in the programs succeed in their positions.

In your spare time: I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy experiencing new things. Whether it is a new restaurant or a traveling to a new state or country, I’m in!

When COVID-19 is over, the first place you’d like to travel is: Prior to COVID-19, we were planning a trip to Iceland. Unfortunately, we had to cancel our plans, but we will be picking up were we left off once the world is back to normal. I am also looking forward to visiting with friends California.

Favorite food: To be honest, I don’t have one favorite food, I have many. Depending on the occasion, time of day, time of week, time of year, or the restaurant I’m at my favorite foods change.

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