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On the Job and Loving It

Posted on April 23, 2018

There are numerous, universal factors that demonstrate a good work ethic, and Tim O’Neill may possibly possess all of them.

Integrity – check; responsibility – check; reliability and dependability – check; adaptability – check; and positive attitude – check. We could go on.

Tim, 41, a Penn-Mar resident since 2000, has been working full-time with Bank of America (BofA) in Hunt Valley, Maryland, for 17 years as a Customer Service Assistant. His longevity with BofA alone speaks volumes of his great work ethic and how much he is valued by the company and the people with whom he works.

“Tim is a great communicator and very dependable,” said Penn-Mar Employment Support Coordinator Lila Barchey. “He takes his work very seriously and is a very hard worker.” Once a month, as part of Penn-Mar’s commitment to Community Employment support, Lila conducts an on-the-job review with Tim and his supervisors.

“I always get a great review from work. His supervisors can’t say enough about how hard Tim works and how busy he keeps himself. It’s a pleasant visit when I go. Of course I can’t be late, as Tim is always punctually waiting to escort me up to the offices.”

“My role has changed a lot over the years and I’ve taken on more responsibilities,” said Tim. “The experience has been really rewarding and the people I’ve worked with have been great.”

According to Robert Hepp, Bank of America Business Support Lead, and one of Tim’s supervisors, the BofA offices in Hunt Valley have changed their scope of services about eight or nine times since Tim began working there. Today, the site is a call center.

“Tim’s lived through a lot of different changes over the years,” said Robert, who has known him for the past 12 of them, but has only been directly working with him for the past six months. “It wasn’t that long ago that we were handling mortgages. With the changes come new leadership, and a focus of what we do on a day-to-day basis. Tim’s had to adapt to this change, and he’s done it remarkably well.”

On a typical day, Tim arrives to work and logs into his computer. He gets the coffee going, checks the mail, checks the printers and restocks them with paper if necessary. One of his important jobs is to ensure the meeting rooms are clean and in order, and to test all the phone lines to make certain that they are all clear. He’s on hand for any assistance he can provide to colleagues throughout the day, and will often make a run with a coworker to pick up foodstuffs or last-minute supplies.

“I’ve been told that Tim’s been working harder since I’ve started working with him,” Robert said with a chuckle. “He works from when he starts to when the day is over. It’s not something we can say about everybody who has come through these doors, by any means. He’s one that I don’t have to worry about showing up on time.”

When Tim’s not putting in his 40-hour work week, he likes to spend time with his large family; he has five siblings who all live close by. He calls his parents, who retired to Fort Meyers, Florida, every day to check on them and to see how they’re doing. He enjoys going to the movies, out to dinner, and is an avid sports fan. He also gets together with colleagues every now and then.

Tim has thrived on his independence and positive outlook on work. Said Robert, “His enthusiasm for the job comes through. He’s gotten to know and gets along with everybody on the floor, and has built friendships along the way.”

“I think it’s the greatest job ever. I like my job every day,” said Tim. “Today’s great, because I’m loving it.”

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