Penn-Mar Employee Lisa Hartley finalist for Healthcare Hero Award - Penn-Mar

Penn-Mar Employee Lisa Hartley finalist for Healthcare Hero Award

Posted on February 15, 2015

By Gregory T. Miller, President and Chief Executive Officer, Penn-Mar Human Services | Chief Executive Officer, Penn-Mar Foundation

Central Penn Parent presents the HealthCare Hero Awards to honor those who epitomize the word “hero” in the delivery of health care to the community. Through these awards they seek to salute excellence, encourage innovation, offer examples of best practices for others to emulate, raise awareness in the community, enhance the quality of health care and, of course, recognize deserving individuals and organizations within the industry.

Penn-Mar Human Services employee, Lisa Hartley, was nominated by fellow coworker Rita Arnett for the “Special Needs Advocate Award” and was given the honor of being a finalist for all of her hard work and dedication within the organization.

Rita wrote the following nomination:

Lisa Hartley has been employed at Penn-Mar Human Services since 1991 working directly with the individuals we serve in their residential homes. In her current role, she assists and offers guidance to four incredible women with intellectual disabilities. She considers these ladies part of her family and they feel the same way about her. The families of the ladies that Lisa cares for also hold Lisa in high regard. They trust Lisa and know that their loved one is great hands.

This career choice can sometimes be challenging; there are odd hours, overnight hours, snowstorm hours. Many times Lisa has had to sacrifice time with her own family in order to ensure that the ladies are safe, happy and loved. When you say that this job is a “Labor of Love” it really does ring true when talking about Lisa and her role at Penn-Mar. She is a vital part of making their house a home.

I remember the first time I met Lisa. She walked in the Penn-Mar production building and I noticed immediately how the she came through the door with a big smile on her face and saying hello. The individuals who receive services from Penn-Mar began flocking to her , wanting her attention. I remember thinking “Wow, look how much they love her” and after working with Lisa for the past 13 years I totally understand it. To this day they still “flock” to her. Lisa has a gentle, kind heart that gives so much love and expects nothing in return. She deserves to be recognized for her many years of service in this field, even though she is modest about such recognition.

Penn-Mar Human Services is very lucky to have Lisa as part of our team. She definitely exemplifies our organizational core values of integrity, excellence, collaboration and innovation

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